Coaching Programs

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author


ActionCoach is a business coaching, consulting, and training center that’s committed to increasing the profitability and longevity of Idaho and surrounding area businesses. In short, what we do is get results.

Our services vary in scope and focus on the client, organization, and assignment. Here’s a brief overview of our most popular services.

–  PLANNING  – GrowthCLUB 90-Day Planning, PlanningCLUB, Strategic Planning Retreats
–  TRAINING   – ProfitCLUB, Business, Team Building, Sales and Communication Training
–  COACHING – Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Small and Large Group Coaching

We offer a combination of coaching, training and planning that will help every business realize its full potential.


The range of experience and skills of our team coupled with the scope and depth of our systems and tools attracts individuals and companies ranging from the very small to the very large; from the very new to the very experienced; and from the serial entrepreneurs to the not for profit charitable organizations. Just a sampling of the markets we serve would include:

– Small/Medium Sized Business
– Large Corporations
– Not for Profit Organizations
– Professional Sales People
– Executives/Managers
– Start-Ups
– Prospective Entrepreneurs

And basically anyone else you can imagine that would want to increase individual and/or team performance has sought us out over the years.

We have coached, trained, consulted with, or facilitated events for over 500 businesses/clients since 2013. Our mission is to help improve and grow each of the clients we have worked with, our focus has been helping ignite local economies through job creation.

At ActionCOACH, we are passionate about results. We know what it takes to lead a thriving business and we want to provide you tools to leverage your profit potential.


Our mission is to invest pro-bono time with two new entrepreneurs/businesses every week to help all the people we possibly can, and share our system of growing businesses to any and all who seek the knowledge. Find out what business coaching is, and what it could do for your business – reach out today and book in with Coach, Allison Dunn .